About Us

600+ students touched the skies with Allied Wings.

Allied Wings soared into the skies in the year 2006 and has taken along 600+ of our students to their flying careers. . 

We’ll take you to the threshold of your flying career. Flown by the most experienced industry professionals, Allied Wings provides the best commercial pilot ground training services, and also provides advanced services to help train students to become the best future pilots.

The sky is just the beginning
Cleared for take-off, Live your dream
of becoming a Pilot!

The Pilot Training Programme at Allied Wings is precisely curated, meeting standards set by Indian as well as International aviation regulatory bodies, schools and industry guidelines. We create a strong and ethical foundation for future pilots. Our study modules are up-to-date and regularly updated for a constantly evolving field of aviation. 

At Allied Wings, we believe that there should be no boundaries in learning. That’s why……. We train our students beyond the scope of passing exams, but keeping in view the eligibility criteria for Airline induction processes. 

We are affiliated with some of the best rated flying schools in India as well as the United States, Canada and Europe that gives our students more options to choose from. Our students are employed and flying for all the reputed Domestic and International carriers.

You are the next generation of Aviators. From aspiring pilots of today to inspiring others we ensure you blue skies and tailwinds into your flying careers.

With Allied Wings, master the art of flying and live your dream.

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Our Team

Aeroplanes are powered by engines, Allied Wings is driven by some of the most qualified personnel of the Aviation Industry. A group of experts coming together to give wings to the aspirants  by guiding them through their journey to become aviators

Allied Wings is powered by –

Deviprasad Shetty

Deviprasad Shetty is the founder of Allied Wings, who dreamt to create a space for every aspiring pilot to get the perfect guidance. Mr Deviprasad Shetty is a trained Commercial Pilot and has worked with Air India. He is also the  founder of Aviation Training Academy – Aerodynamiks Avigation Pvt. Ltd. (AAPL) and M/s Airodynamiks which provides technical support and study for approval of additional heights to buildings and structures from The Ministry Of Civil Aviation. AAPL also provides Pilot, Cabin Crew and Hospitality Management training. The organization is also known for providing expert advisory and technical support for Aerodrome (Planning, Design & Development) and Heliport (Planning, Design & Development). Who is better to guide than someone who understands the industry in and out. Our dream is to see Indian Aviation thrive with the best-skilled professionals, we are set to help you reach your goal!

Capt. Lila Singh Aulakh

Not all superheros wear a cape, some have 18,000+ hours of flying experience. Captain Aulakh has ruled the skies for 30+ years. From being a Captain on Boeing B747-400 , Airbus A310 and A300, Embraer E190/E170 series aircraft and Dornier Do-228 to a Check Pilot, Instructor and Examiner on B747-400.  Captain Aulakh has marvellous experience and knowledge. He has also been the Captain for VIP and VVIP flights, flying the Prime Minister and President of India for 8 years. Apart from flying, he has been a part of the Airports Authority of India, Govt of India as the Assistant Director – operations. Over 30+ years, Captain Aulakh has flown and held management positions with  airlines like Vayudoot Airlines (Captain 1985 – l99l), Air India Limited (Captain/Check Pilot/Examiner), Air Costa (2Ol3 – 2Ol5 Director of Operations, Director of Training), FlyEasy Airlines (20l5 – 2016 Deputy CEO, Accountable Manager) and Air India Limited (2016 – 2017  Examiner Boeing 747 – 400). Captain Aulakh  has also served as Deputy Chief Flight Operation Inspector, DGCA.

Capt. Rajul Bhagatwala

Captain Rajul Bhagatwala is another role model for aviators. With 30+ years of industry experience and 18,000+ hours of flying experience, he has exceptional expertise and understanding of the Aviation Industry. From being a Captain and Line Training Captain on Dornier-228 to Captain on A310 and B747-400 B787, and Line Training Captain on B747 – 4OO, Captain Bhagatwala has mastered a variety of aircraft. He has worked closely with the Air Safety Department, Flight Operations Department and Crew Scheduling. Along with being a Captain, he was the Joint General Manager for Air India. Captain Bhagatwala has been a Pilot for some of the best Carriers- Vayudoot Limited (1984 – l99l Captain),Dornier Do-228,  Air India Limited (I99l – 2010 Captain on A310 and B747-400, and  Trainer on B747 – 4OO), Singapore Airlines (20l0- 2018 Captain) and Scoot TigerAir (2018 – 2O2O Captain B-787 Dreamliner). Captain Bhagatwala brings a pool of learnings and insight to Allied Wings.

Ashwani Sharma

Mr Sharma has been in the Aviation field for more than 45 years. Ranging from Aircraft Maintenance, Quality Management, Safety Management, Lease Management, Training & AMP and Skill Development he has lived the golden years of Aviation. Mr Sharma was the Senior Maintenance Manager (Air India, Abu Dhabi, UAE 1992-1995), Maintenance Manager (Air India, Singapore Changi Airport 1994 -1997), Regional Manager, Maintenance, Engineering & AMP (Air India, London Heathrow Airport, UK 2005-2007), Head of Quality (Air India Express 2O09- 2013) and Senior Vice President Engineering (Air Costa 2013-2017). Mr Sharma has also played a crucial role in acquiring DGCA approvals for Air India Express & AMP and Air Costa. At present, he is an Aviation Adviser at EDGEVARSITY Learning Systems Pvt Ltd. Adding a different perspective and skillset to Allied Wings, Mr Sharma is all set to lead the way of future aviators into the industry.

Our Courses

DGCA CPL Ground Training

If flying machines give you an adrenaline rush, then Allied Wings is the take-off point for your passion and career. Pave your path to becoming a Commercial Pilot with us. We provide end-to-end training required to obtain a CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence). CPL issued by DGCA is required to qualify as an airline pilot in India.

Cadet Program Preparation

Aspire to join your favourite airline? Allied Wings will help you to prepare for Cadet Selection Pre-preparation. Every Cadet aspirant has to go through the selection process curated by us according to airline needs. Getting into a Cadet Program ensures Ground class to Type Rating within the airline’ associations.

Type Rating Guidance Program

Type Rating is a huge leap from CPL. If the foundation is not strong and the basics are unclear then Type Rating can seem difficult. To overcome this, Allied Wings trains you for your Type Rating. Our expert instructors and faculty will smoothen any rough edges before you enter the next phase of your flying career. 

EASA Ground Training Program

Allied Wings is affiliated with the top flying schools in Europe. Our preparation guide for EASA aspirants is finely drafted according to their standards. Our guidance team has seasoned industry experts who will help you with every step. Allied Wings also provides preparation material with test samples.

FAA Ground Training Program

Allied Wings guides and prepares you for the exams, here in Mumbai. Our centre is well-equipped with high-tech audio-visual learning tools. The students are trained and guided by some of the best industry experts. There are timely tests to check the understanding which helps to keep no loose ends with regards to preparation.

Transport Canada Licence

Allied Wings provides assistance and pre-preparation for Transport Canada Licence. Canadian Regulations are very similar to Indian Regulations which makes it a favourable option for students. We have curated a step-by-step preparation program according to Transport Canada’s CPL requirement. 

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