Cadet Program Guidance

Cadet Pilot Program

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Aspire to join your favourite airline? Allied Wings will help you to prepare for Cadet Selection Pre-preparation. Every Cadet aspirant has to go through the selection process   curated by us according to airline needs. Getting into a Cadet Program ensures Ground class to Type Rating within the airline’ associations.

Stages of Cadet
Program Selection

Cadet Program Selection is divided into 2 parts


Written Test

The primary selection stage of any Cadet Program is the Written Test of 3 Subjects: Physics, Maths, and English. This is to understand how thorough the candidates are with their basic concepts.



1. Psychometry
2. Multi-Tasking
A.) Physical Assessment
B.) Simulator Flying
3. HR Interview
4. Group discussion/ Group Activity
5. Personal Interview

Basic procedure

CASS Flying

The CASS is a general evaluation of a candidate's personality, knowledge base, and skill set. The candidates have to undergo a series of tests, which consists of a psycho-motor capability test, tests involving basic flying skills, a test based on the pilot's abilities to multitask and simultaneously process information in a stressful environment. At Allied Wings, we have a high-tech CASS setup. Every student gets personalized attention and guidance from our qualified mentors which helps them get in-depth knowledge.

Psychometry Test

Every airline, following its stringent procedures, conducts a Psychometric test to evaluate an aspirant’s personality traits as well as aptitude. This test is a key indicator to assessing a potential pilot’s mental health, personality characteristics & behavioural attributes. At Allied Wings, we have a psychologist on our panel who will conduct a psychometric test as per industry standards before you enroll with us.

Interview Preparation

The interview round is common to recruitment procedures across all industries. Airlines especially pay extra attention to the communication skills, confidence, and capabilities of their potential employees. This round also helps in understanding the candidate's ability to think and answer on the spot. We help our students to prepare for the interview process through mock trials and situational activities. With the expert's guidance and the best facilities at Allied Wings, we ensure that our students sail smoothly through the selection process.

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