Jet Orientation Course

Jet Orientation Course

There is a big gap in Flight Training that does not address the needs of the Airline world. We Provide our clients with all necessary knowledge to prepare them for the airline world and type rating. During this course students shall receive all needed information about their coming role as First Officers, their new company and its specific needs, airline interview preparation guided by one of our professional instructors who are ex-pilots from several airlines.


Our Program

Jet Orientation Course provides you with the full range of knowledge and techniques to work as a pilot in the airline world. The JOC is an essential course for pilots wishing to convert type ratings or to enter the complex world of modern aviation.

Topics Included

Instrument Procedures Refresher

Take advantage of this opportunity to brush up on your instrument flying skills required for airline flying. The instrument procedure refresher course is designed for professional pilots who are preparing for airline testing. In as little as a day, you can be ready to fly with confidence.

Technical Topics

This is a comprehensive and leading technical training reference for pilots of modern airliners, covering basic jet aircraft technical subjects and knowledge. Topics covered include hydraulics, air conditioning, pressurisation, flight controls, glass cockpit and much more. The material is presented in a clear and user-friendly way with the help of colour illustrations for easy understanding. All procedures used on modern commercial aircraft are based on thorough safety analyses.

Jet Orientation

Learn about advanced topics relating to jet aircraft operations such as jet engines, high-speed aerodynamics, load and trim for jet aircraft, jet performance. Experience ground school instruction on the fundamentals of jet engine operations, the basic operating

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