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The Pilot Training Programme at Allied Wings is precisely curated, meeting standards set by Indian as well as International aviation regulatory bodies, schools and industry guidelines. We create a strong and ethical foundation for future pilots. Our study modules are up-to-date and regularly updated for a constantly evolving field of aviation.


You are the next generation of the Aviation industry. From aspiring pilots of today to inspiring others, we ensure you blue skies and tailwinds into your flying careers.

With Allied Wings, master the art of flying and live your dream.

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Our Courses

DGCA CPL Ground Training

If flying machines give you an adrenaline rush, then Allied Wings is the take-off point for your passion and career. Pave your path to becoming a Commercial Pilot with us. We provide end-to-end training required to obtain a CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence). CPL issued by DGCA is required to qualify as an airline pilot in India.

Cadet Program Preparation

Aspire to join your favourite airline? Allied Wings will help you to prepare for Cadet Selection Pre-preparation. Every Cadet aspirant has to go through the selection process curated by us according to airline needs. Getting into a Cadet Program ensures Ground class to Type Rating within the airline’ associations.

Type Rating Program

Type Rating is a huge leap from CPL. If the foundation is not strong and the basics are unclear then Type Rating can seem difficult. To overcome this, Allied Wings trains you for your Type Rating. Our expert instructors and faculty will smoothen any rough edges before you enter the next phase of your flying career. 

EASA Ground Training Program

Allied Wings is affiliated with the top flying schools in Europe. Our preparation guide for EASA aspirants is finely drafted according to their standards. Our guidance team has seasoned industry experts who will help you with every step. Allied Wings also provides preparation material with test samples.

FAA Ground Training Program

Allied Wings guides and prepares you for the exams, here in Mumbai. Our centre is well-equipped with high-tech audio-visual learning tools. The students are trained and guided by some of the best industry experts. There are timely tests to check the understanding which helps to keep no loose ends with regards to preparation.

Transport Canada Licence

Allied Wings provides assistance and pre-preparation for Transport Canada Licence. Canadian Regulations are very similar to Indian Regulations which makes it a favourable option for students. We have curated a step-by-step preparation program according to Transport Canada’s CPL requirement. 


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