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Flying Training: SOUTH AFRICA


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Here is why ab initio pilot training cadets choose to complete their flying training in South Africa

  • Favorable weather conditions: South Africa has a generally good climate for flying training with clear skies and favorable weather conditions almost all year round, which is essential for students to get maximum flying hours.
  • Cost-effective: The cost of flying training in South Africa is comparatively lower than in many other countries, such as the United States and Europe. This makes South Africa a popular destination for students who want to reduce their overall training costs.
  • High-quality training: South Africa has a number of world-class flight training schools with modern facilities and experienced instructors, making it an ideal destination for those seeking quality training.
  • English-speaking environment: English is the language of aviation, and South Africa is an English-speaking country. This makes it easier for international students to communicate and learn in an environment where the language of instruction is familiar to them.
  • Diverse flight training opportunities:South Africa offers a wide range of flight training opportunities, including training for commercial, private, and military pilots. This allows students to choose the type of training that suits their career goals.


  • Apply for Class 02 Medicals
  • Apply for Computer Number
  • Enrol for Ground Classes at Allied Wings and clear your theory papers of Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Air Regulations and RTR-A. We provide complete assistance with VISA application.
  • Apply for Class 01 Medicals
  • Complete 220 hours of flying training and submit your documents for CAA Commercial Pilot License
  • 10 hours of conversion flying at our Indian Flight School
  • Submit the required documents to DGCA for issuance of Indian Commercial Pilot License

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